Monday, October 15, 2012


This time of year, right before the holidays while we’re changing out kids closets for the seasons (and sizes), makes me feel like a spoiled glutenous hoarder  I have piles of clothes in every nook of my house  There are toys everywhere, and oh, the uneaten food!

At this particular moment I am fighting an internal rage to scream. Loudly. I have already threatened once today to thrown every last thing out if I don’t get help putting the clothes away. Lord please help the next member of my family that complains about something they have, something that is better than half? tree quarters off the world?

How did we develop this life that when surrounded by stuff we are still complaining that it’s not this that or the other? How can we be in a house overflowing with stuff and still need more? I am ashamed  embarrassed and simply done.What’s worse is that we have almost reached our goal of 500 pounds and it doesn't feel like we shed one stinking thing.

I am as much at fault as the kids. I stroll through the store and I see a sweater on clearance, in the cart it goes. I swing through the Starbucks drive-thru when there is coffee (albeit cold) at home. This morning we went out for donuts when we could have eaten the cereal on hand.

At the same time we have worked hard to be where we are. We know (most of the time) that we are so very blessed and we thank God all the time for the opportunities he has presented us. But is being thankful enough when we still complain and want more.

This has been weighing on me all year, I have written about it more than once but nothing changes. Or it changes for a moment and then we fall back it in. Is it possible to be minimalist when you have a house full of growing children?

I want it all and I want nothing, all at the same time.


Corinne Cunningham said...

I don't think you can totally understand how with you I am on all of this unless I were to sit across from you and say YES YES YES because seriously. Dude. Every word.
I want to pitch all of the stuff. Really. And the idea of more stuff coming into our house with birthdays and Christmas coming up makes me sick to my stomach. And yet... we do it ourselves, and encourage it almost. It is so hard. I totally get it. And am with you.

Michelle said...

I SOOOO get what you are saying! I have been struggling with clutter and trying to find the balance between what we need/what we have/what we get. I haven't found the balance, yet, but it's got to exist, right? Ugh! (And why do they have to make baby girl clothes so cute!)

Penny said...

Again I totally identify with you, I have began a similiar journey this year, I found this website... they have an option where you can "like" their page on facebook and they post great reminders and decluttering ideas that has kept it at the forefront of my mind. Like it might be declutter something made of glass today and then next time you are in the pantry you think about "do I need all these glasses?". I have set up a box in the corner of the room and each time I think it, it goes into the box to give to a thrift shop. Working for me, we have cleared heasp of stuff in the last few months, good luck! Its a great journey to be on, I feel heaps lighter without so much stuff around me.