Monday, October 22, 2012

Midwestern Fall


The golden leaves shine like jewels against the dark clouds behind it. I love the look. The yellow and orange shinning so brightly  giving there all one last time before the cold and gray of winter knock them down.

 The stalks of corn dry and yellowed still reaching for the sun, waving in the wind. Their golden brown stalks looking solid like walls if you look at it as a whole, but shift t your perspective just a bit and you can see the paths between.
Leaves Falling.

Pumpkins sitting.

 Sun shinning through gentle breezes.

 This is fall in the Midwest  It fills my soul and inspires me. I want to create and capture it, fill my home with the colors of fall and the warmth of the cinnamon spice in the air.

I will take the long hard winters for this brief season of change and beauty. The reminder to slow down and focus in, storing our energy and light for the darkness that is to come.

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J-Tony said...

I live in the Midwest also, and I love the fall as well. It's by far the best time of year. Nice post