Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pure Love {Bigger Picture Moments}

Welcome to Bigger Picture Moments! Taking time to revel in the simple moments that make up the bigger picture of our life!
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Toddlers can be hard. They are on the cusp of so much development, so much change. It’s exciting and exhausting (very exhausting) to keep up with their whims, needs, ever changing desires.

There are moments of heart aching sweetness, especially with this little toddler who just oozes love. She’s been obsessed with my bump for awhile but on Tuesday we brought her with to our ultrasound and since then, it’s taken a whole different turn.


If I sit down anywhere, in a way in which she can climb on my lap she needs to be right there. She climbs onto my shrinking lap and lifts my shirt. This is new since the ultrasound and seems to be very important to her because when I wear a dress she gets very angry! She lifts my shirt just enough to expose my belly and she lays her head down on it. Sometimes it gets kisses too.

It’s the only way we read stories now, her head on my bump. She seems to know, far more then a not yet two year old should that there is a baby there. That she is a big sister. She is already very protective of that baby.

She seems to already know how special this baby is and how much it is loved, especially by her.

At first I was honestly annoyed. Sometimes I just need to sit for five minutes to do something, to rest, to think. I get more easily touched out while pregnant and the constant climbing on me, combined with the sudden need to be carried at least half the day, well it’s intense.

In this moments though she is so calm. So loving and so intent on completing her mission I have just grown to love them. They are breaks throughout the day to focus on my babies and this miraculous life that we have.

Once again this smallest child is showing me the biggest lessons in life.


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Stacy said...

That is so sweet, Melissa! I love the picture of your daughter on your belly.

Such good times.

Alita said...

That is so so so very sweet! :) Anthony wanted nothing to do with my tummy, but then again his speech and understand of speech was so limited then. Bittersweet toddler days for sure.

Enjoy these moments, Mel!!! xoxoxo

Lisa said...

Too sweet! Reese asks us if the baby will go back to its own house after it comes out! Sounds like she could learn a thing or two from your daughter!

Unknown said...

Seriously, this is like the cutest thing I've ever seen. She loves to teach life lessons doesn't she. :-)

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness...this has to be one of the sweetest moments. I LOVE this!

May said...

These are the moments of life I treasure most dearly.

Brandie said...

Just too precious.