Thursday, October 4, 2012

Re-focusing {Bigger Picture Moments}


Before I finished my first cup of coffee this morning I disappointed:

My husband

My kids

A client

and myself.

I hate disappointing people. I’m a perfectionist and people pleaser and letting people down is not something I liked to do.

I should have seen it coming. It was as obvious as a red knit cap in a snow storm. While it never feels like we doing too much on an individual level. The more individuals there are in the house the more “not many” things add up. While I was good about protecting some things, dinner time, Sundays, I had gotten lax in protecting the most important thing.


My time.

I set unrealistic goals for someone who is pregnant with a toddler at home to actually accomplish in the 12-18 hours a day I am awake.

Something, or rather somethings had to give.

I was a juggler that had one to many balls in the air. I can wobble around, swaying here and there, balancing on one foot if necessary to keep them all in the air but eventually one, or all of them are going to drop.

I need to refocus.

Concentrate on the few important ball that are in the air and let the less important ones drop. I need to refocus on whats important.

I don’t want to let me kids or husband down because I forgot to cross check dates, or mail something. I don’t want to neglect the house and laundry until we are all fed up with the mess. I need to make sure I am putting I'm putting my effort into the important things and not just going through the motions.
In these bodies we will live,in these bodies we will dieWhere you invest your love,you invest your life
 ~ Awake My Soul, Mumford and Sons, 
I need to refocus so that I am investing my time into things I love. While I don't love cleaning, I love my home and my family so I can’t neglect them. I love my toddler and this baby in my belly. They are our last babies I need to focus my attention on them. The don’t deserve to hear or see the "1 minute" finger, something she has started doing back to me.

I need to remember that there is a time for every thing even if there isn’t time for everything.

If I don’t do it, it doesn't get done. The end. No apologies. We, I cannot keep living at this pace.

I need to awaken, and refocus.



Simply refocusing, that's my Simple Moment, Bigger Picture this week. What's Yours

Harness the moment. Write it down, share a picture, a poem or prose. However YOU need to process and remember the moment. All moments big and small.

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Try to visit the other participants and encourage each other in this journey we call life.

Editorial Note: you will notice some changes around here today, I am streamlining and moving some things around. Also in an attempt to refocus I am only going to be publishing {here} on Monday-Wednesday-Thursday and every other Saturday. I need to cut back and focus on some other projects. While I may pop in here or there on a Tuesday or Friday you can always find me on twitter, Facebook and Instagram


Adrienne said...

First of all...totally LOVE the photos that go with...great images! And those first lines {before the first cup of coffee today...} Been there, lived this. And I find as I get older I would rather leave 10 balls on the ground, untouched, than enter into the craziness of juggling too many. I do believe that some of it is an age/stage thing that accompanies young kids...I wish, as I look back, that I had said no to a few more things when they were little. Now, though, I probably need to push myself to pick up a new challenge or two. I'm trying to say 'yes' just a weeee bit more!

Lisa said...

Yes! There is a time for everything even if there isn't time for everything. Love it. I will remember this when I enter survival mode with the baby and things just aren't getting done. Except for me it will be different. I will have to let those things go, leave them undone, and learn to refocus. On mothering. On nurturing. On being imperfect. And loving it. Thanks for this today.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Such a hard thing to do: finding, creating, and maintaining that balance. Wishing you luck and strength!

Hyacynth said...

Yes, love, yes. A season for everything.

It reminds me of what we tell clients who are thinking about embarking on social media ... tis better to have no facebook page than one that is severely neglected ... as in, it's better to do few things well, then many things so so. You are wise, wise, wise to listen to the whisper voice to slow down.

Corinne Cunningham said...

"If I don’t do it, it doesn't get done. The end. No apologies. We, I cannot keep living at this pace."

YES. Embrace it. Embrace treating yourself kindly :)