Thursday, November 15, 2012

Generous Mistake {Bigger Picture Moments}


Things are a little crazy around these parts. With the parents tag teaming being sick we are at a level of stasis when it comes to chaos. We’re not falling deeper in the hole but we aren’t climbing out either. So getting back into a morning routine has been a bit hectic. I’ve been relying on the big kids to help out more, make their lunches, pack up when prompted so I can get ready and take care of a sick, and stubborn almost two year old.

Wednesday the kids have chapel in the morning at school. It was a particularly rushed morning because they took forever and a day to eat their breakfast. The toddler wanted a second breakfast (that was the same as the big kids, not hers of course), and I had to get ready for an OB appointment. So as I was getting ready I told my kindergarten to get two dollar bills out of my wallet for their chapel offering.

I didn’t think about what was in my wallet.

I didn’t supervise or double check her work.

She got her dollars and wrote her name on the envelope and gave one to her brother and we all left.

I stopped at a drive-thru after school drop-off so that I could get something to eat on the way down to my appointment. I pulled up to the window and opened my wallet to find the twenty dollar bill I knew had missing. I racked my brain, and fretted that I lost it before I figured if out.

My daughter had taken a twenty for the chapel offering.

Oy. I texted my husband. His worry, is this anonymous or will they know it was from us? See the point of the children’s collection is that they learn to give. I generally have them get change form their piggy bank or the loose change bowl. I don’t often just hand them money from my wallet. My concern was that we were failing in our kindergartners education and that she doesn’t know the difference between a twenty and a one dollar bill and that maybe we needed to use cash more.

When I picked up the kids from school I said, “so who got the twenty in their chapel envelope this morning”. I knew the answer because I was pretty sure PBboy would have told me before he left if he had the twenty.

PBgirl meekly said “I did” and started crying.

My heart lurched. Honey your not in trouble, I just wanted to make sure you knew the difference and that mommy said ONE dollar”.

I did, I wanted to give more

Oh my heart.

If only we all could live that way? That twenty wasn’t going anywhere important, it would have been wasted on fast food. She did what her heart wanted and we are all better for it.

I am thankful for the lessons everyday that my children teach me.

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Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Sounds like you don't need to worry a bit about how well you're teaching them. ;) What a sweetie!

Alita said...

So sweet! So very VERY sweet!



PS. Hope you are feeling better, Mel

Laila @OnlyLaila said...

Very sweet! It's so important that our children see the value of giving and not just getting all the time. This week I'm thankful for the friends and family I have that help me be a better Laila!

Brandie said...

Aw. That's precious. And sweet.

Hyacynth said...

Yes, crying over here. I love this.