Saturday, November 3, 2012

Texts from a Conference Widow #BBCChicago

I haven't traveled alone a lot since having PBbaby. Not because PBDad  is not totally awesome and capable of taking care of all three kids himself, because he totally is. It's just exhausting and you are out numbered.

This weekend is at the end of a super {insanely} busy week and it ended with a kiss on the cheek during lunch hour and a bye honey! As I drove off to Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago.  I didn't prep the house {it's a disaster} I didn't leave a list of ideas or things to do or a plan. I basically left in the middle of a huge storm laughing all the way {sorry honey}. 

So when I woke up to this text this morning:
Your Kids are all up! One since 4:17 am
I laughed a bit, felt bad for a second and tolled back over in my comfy dark and quiet hotel bed. Thankfully my husband has a sense of humor and the rest of my morning and the texts from him just got better and better.

So for your personal Saturday morning laugh and enjoyment I present you with:

Texts From a Conference Widow

PBDad: I just put everyone back to bed and ended daylight savings early upstairs.
Me: Bravo.

PBD: If it doesn't work it won't be for lack of trying. I backed the clock up by two hours! It's 4:52am upstairs! {it was a 6:52 am}

PBD: Damn it! Cat's can't tell time. 


PBD: FAIL. "Can we watch TV?"

PBD: AND I'm busted. "Daddy why is it light out when the clock says it's 4?"

Me: Hahahahahahahaha

PBD: A hundred questions about CST/DST

Me: I'm least we have a smart kid?

PBD: Both of them. Then PBgirl asked is "This Old House" on this morning.

and now they're working on a mirror, that's one step away from being shell art. My sweet little Hipster Kids. I can't wait to introduce them to "Antiques Roadshow"!

8:35 am
PBD: Sorry. 
I just introduced your kids to programming. 
They are now fighting over who gets to type in the equations. 

Me: I will totally be blogging your morning :-)

PBD: But they missed "Antiques Roadshow" because the French Toast was done. :-(

8:54 am
PBD: This toddler is going to kill me!!!!!

PBD: How does the toddler work? Are there morning naps? Do I push through?

Me: I try to follow her cues more than the clock. 

PBD: Her cues are "I hate everyone and everything"

10:13 am

PBD: Did you know she learned how to say No?

Stay tuned....the day is young it can only get more entertaining. 

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