Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful for Small Tweaks {Bigger Picture Moments}

It's the busy season.

We have more things on our to do list, then there are hours in the day. There's rehearsals, decorations, baking,  homework and all the regular everyday things dishes laundry carting kids back and forth to school activities. It's exhausting, and it makes a pregnant mama and a little toddler more than a little irritable.

Tuesdays are hard, as I’ve said before, we’re busy it's late and they are long days. This leads to Wednesdays where everyone is hung over from the busy. This week I tried not to succomb, to the hangover of busy. I failed.

We ran errands.
I tried to work with a toddler awake.
I tried to clean with a toddler awake.
I tried to get anything we needed to do done with a toddler awake.

Finally home in a moment of frustration I snapped at her.

Oh the eyes!

The sad shocked eyes of disappointment.

Thankfully toddlers are resilient. A good nap, a big hug, and all is forgiven and

Thankfully moms are resilient too, knowing that all it takes is a little tweaks to the things that we are doing to change the course of the day.

So we tweaked. We changed course. When dinner was a complete failure because it was too late we skipped the usual bath. I let her play with a cup and water in the sink. Too big for a sink bath she delighted in filling and dumping while I washed all the ink marks (add tried to go to the bathroom while toddler was awake to above list) off her face and neck and wiped down all the important bits.

At the end of a long day being able to cuddle your favorite person makes up for a lot. So we cuddled and hugged and we all went to bed tired, but happy.

What are you thankful for?

For the month of November we are going to be taking our Bigger Picture Moments and turning them into moments of thankfulness. A chance to reflect on all those things that we are thankful for, big and small. Please join us and share yours? A list, a photo, a story, whatever is in your heart

Simply slowing down, that’s my Simple Moment, Bigger Picture this week. What’s yours?

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Try to visit the other participants and encourage each other in this journey we call life.


May said...

Oh, I have lived my share of days that needed tweaking. You are wise to not beat yourself up, but just tweak instead.

Unknown said...

I'm thankful for our cousin time and dancing down the sidewalk on the way to the playground ;) tweaking is good - the only way to roll with little ones

Unknown said...

We've done more than our fair share of tweaking around here too. It's the season of busy, and those little tweaks and make big moments of happy...keep on tweaking mama.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

This is such a great capture of life as it's lived, real.