Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Biking {Moms on Bikes}

This post is part of the Huffy Mom's on Bikes Ambassador program. 

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Did Santa bring someone in your home a new set of wheels?

We've been having a very mild winter in Chicagoland so if you or your kids got a new bike you could actually ride it outside, instead of just around the living room (or inside the garage - what we did one year!).

Whether you’re riding or storing it for the winter you want to make sure you take care of you bike so when the spring weather, and trails, start calling you and your bike will be ready to go!

Wired has a great Wiki on ways to prep and use your bike all winter long, even in the snow and ice. The most important thing to remember is that winter roads and sidewalks mean ice and salt. Salt is corrosive and will rapidly age (and damage) your bike. So if you do take it out for a winter ride be sure to wipe it down when done.

Another important tip, if you got a bike as a gift this Christmas make sure to open it and put it together! One year we got a bike and while we opened it and looked in the box we didn't put it together  6 months later we discovered we were missing a part!

Hanging Bikes @ the Green Dragon
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If you’re going to be storing your bike for the winter, here are some tips from

  • If you will be storing it standing on it’s tires, as opposed to hanging, it’s very important the tires are fully inflated. (guess I need to go fill my tires up!)
  • Wipe it down to clean off large chunks of mud, dirt or debris 
  • Empty any baskets, bottles, camel backs or saddle bags so nothing freezes and explodes 
  • Check the frame and all parts for damage, alignment and repair 
  • It’s also suggested that now is the time to clean or change and lubricate all cables. 
Taking an afternoon to complete these steps can em sure your bike is in tip top shape and ready to ride when you are when the spring sun starts to call you back outside!

The sticky: I am a Huffy Mom's on Bikes Ambassador. I  have been compensated for my time in producing posts on biking for 2012. My family also received bikes and safety equipment. As always all opinions and views expressed are my own.  

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