Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dappled Light { #justwrite }


Dappled light, soft and yellow splashes across our lounging bodies. 
Me turned on my side, her trying to fit in the crook created above my belly. 
We cuddle and read in the chair that was once mine. 
My spot to read, and write and think and be. 
It’s our spot now. 
Where we cuddle, and read, and mine becomes ours and we just are. 


Jen said...


Amber Cadenas said...

In so few words, what a moment you captured here - in the light, the posture, the past, the present - with your little girl. I love that this something special now belongs to you both.

May said...

And I sigh so deeply. Moments like this were some of my very favorite of all time. With my kids grown and scattering, I know I was right to savor these experiences at the time.