Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Sometimes I look at my bug kids with amazement, people, we have made people.

It’s easy to forget that when you are in the  thick of babies, and diapers and teaching basic functions to small strong willed people. Then one day it just clicks, and in the blink of the eye they are people.

I watch them help the younger ones with care and compassion. I watch them read and play with an adoring toddler and can see the love in their eyes. I hear their little whispers as they come down the stairs talking to each other and without waking us go off and read and play independent of us and dependent on each other.

It’s not always peace and love, they are people after all. There is bickering and fighting, one up-manship and jealously. But in these small moments of love and compassion I am not only in awe of the fact that we created people, but that we may be doing something right.

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Unknown said...

That part is certainly amazing to watch and see! I am feeling it here from time to time too... :)