Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tipping Point { #justwrite }

I’ve reached the tipping point.

I’m close enough to the end of this pregnancy to be hopeful, joyous, excited.
I’m also still far enough away to be anxious, worried, and fearful.

I am close enough to the end to know that there are changes coming and things need to be done.
I am also far enough away that waiting until tomorrow is still an option.

My local self is growing and flourishing.
My kids are growing and flourishing.
My time has remained the same.

We all have the same 24 hours.

So I focus on my word and I inhale it deeply.

I allow piles and ideas to grow to the tipping point so I can breathe in now.

Now is not about me.

Now is about a toddler who is turning two, learning so much. She wants Ba! Ba! Ba! {books} now. Now is chubby little cheeks resting on my shoulder as we read about the little bowl of milk in the sky.

Now is a five year old, shaky and uncertain. Finding her place in the family, learning her way through new subjects. Now is taking time for princesses and nail polish.

Now is a 7 year old who just wants to create and you cannot create without sharing. Look at this! Listen to this! What if we did this! Now is not looking bored while he explains something from his LEGO book in great and infinite detail. It’s letting him talk, and talk, and talk.

Now is remembering to breathe it in, because tomorrow will be different and I only have one now.


NLS 1993 said...

Oh yes.

I love this.

SkyMommy said...

I'm due in March too and am getting to that point where the end seems SO close and SO far away at the same time. I'm trying to enjoy every little kick as much as possible, I know when he comes it will be a whole new world for me.

Lenae said...

Melissa, this made my heart swell. Put simply: You get it. You're not just talking about your priorities, you're actually living them, and I love that. It inspires me, urges me to reflect on how I'm balancing these things in my own life, and makes me proud to be your friend. Keep on, chica: You're beautiful inside and out.