Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In the Wings { #justwrite }


I have images in my head.
Compiled and formed from memories and thoughts they mix together,
What is real what is perceived?
Is the image an idealistic snapshots of a happy memory leaving those the reality in the dark and faded corners.

I need to free  myself from the light of these memories and accept they may be artificial.
Spotlights shown on a stage to highlight a grand performance, while the wings stay dark and hidden.
The main performance could not succeed without the workings of those darkened wings but it’s not anything anyone wants to see. It’s not what we strive to be.

I need to fill up on the light that is streaming in reality.
The light that is here and present and ignore the darkness that chooses to stay dark.
I need to choose to be the light and remember that memories are just stories of a past and I am writing stories of a future.


Unknown said...

Lovely words my friend...and know this when the time comes you will shine in the light. Hugs...

Unknown said...

Wow, this is good! I love the memories that is just the stories of the past. I want to add that worries is just stories we make up of the future! Over via Just Write. Thank you.
Much love XX

SkyMommy said...

Wow, so deep, so beautiful. That last line really made me think. I kind of want to print it out and frame it.