Friday, February 8, 2013

Judging a Journal by it's Cover

I love journals. I’m not a good journal-er; I have yet to develop the habit of writing in one daily, but I always have one with me. I love to jot down ideas, thoughts and lists. They are also perfect for when I find myself with time, like a napping baby in the car, to get some writing done. While I love my smartphone I have never really been able to get into using it to write, and I only use it for notes when I don’t have paper. There is something very freeing about putting pen to paper and writing out empties them from my head and I can move on.

While I love journals, I am pretty picky about the ones I will spend money on. I am partial to a spiral because I like to fold them in half. When I don’t have a 36 week pregnant belly in my way I like to curl up when I write, so being able to easily fold it over is important to me. I am also partial to pretty things. I don’t want to pull out a plain old spiral notebook or some ratty pad of paper. I want to be inspired, I want to want to pull it out.


My favorite journal is one that I made a year or so ago at Tiny Prints. I had a photo I loved and I wanted a notebook to keep in my purse. I have been a fan of Tiny Prints for awhile and was always impressed with the quality so I gave it a try. I choose the Clearly Stylish Notebook because it had the least amount of other stuff on it and would have the largest picture. What I really enjoyed about the whole process is how there is a designer involved on the Tiny Prints side. As you can see on my journal I only have the lines on the bottom:


When I went through the ordering I left all the boxes blank for the top line of text but the white stripe was still showing in the preview. I was able to leave a note for the designer in my order and they contacted me to confirm that they understand what I wanted and what it would look like.

It’s still my favorite journal, although I will have to reorder it soon as my pages are filling up fast!

Do you have a favorite journal or have you moved to all digital writing?

The Sticky: Tiny Prints was a sponsor of Creative Soul, providing all attendees with their own custom journal. I purchased the journal above on my own before we partnered with Tiny Prints. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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SkyMommy said...

I love the idea of journals. That being said, if I buy them they usually end up on a shelf empty. If I need to jot down a note I usually do it on my phone. And of course I do all my actual journaling online.

There really is nothing like putting a pen to paper. It's too bad I never seem to get around to it.