Monday, February 18, 2013

Mom Style Files: The Case for Bangs


This month we've been tackling the dilemma of being in a style rut with our hair.  Last week we watched Brook take the plunge and dive into Bangs! What did you think, do you like them?

Aside from donating almost 12 inches to locks of love after my wedding {2012} my hair has been basically the same, long layers of various lengths at or below the shoulders. 


I get bored with it though and I crave change...but also I'm realistic and 99% of the time my hair looks like this:

Sloppy Hair

So there are some restrictions on what I can do. I have curly hair so it can't be too short or it gets super curly and puffy and Bozo the clown like. I need to be able to pull it back from grabby little baby hands. It needs to be able to be wash and go because I frequently run out within minutes of getting out of the shower. 

So a few years ago I dipped my toes into the idea of bangs with long side swept bangs. They are a great way to change up a style with very little commitment. Since they are long you can easily hide them into your hair or pin them back when you don't want to deal with them. Also, at least for me, bangs grow fast so in a few weeks you can barely tell you have them. 

Long Bangs

After years of occasionally having side swept bangs I thought I really want to try the full bangs.  It seems like everyone is sporting them lately and I have a big forehead so I thought I could make it work. Also, I thought it would be a great way to add some style to my typical ponytail. It's offered up as proof of how important a stylist and research is before changing:

I came un-prepared to a new stylist and said "hey! let's try heavy bangs". This picture does not even show how bad it could was bad, and when I tried to have it fixed it got worse. So I skipped out on bangs for a long time.

But I was itching for a change! I started hunting down images on Pinterest. I knew that there were curly hair girls who could rock bangs without looking like an 80s reject or a Duggar. 

I cam armed, to a stylist I had worked with before, with pictures and this time, we were much more successful:


I love them! Even my bang reluctant husband said last night, "you know what, with a bun the bangs are kind of cute".  

So if you want to change up your style with a minimal commitment I say go for it! Give the bangs a chance! Here are two great resources, both from my 'Do it pin board that helped me decide, choose a style, and style them myself:

Are you a fashionable mom? Do you want to be featured? Next month’s challenge is going to be Skirting The Issue. If you have a love of skirts and want to be featured email me!

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