Monday, March 4, 2013

Mom Style Files March Mission: Skirting the Issue #MSFiles


Despite the forecast of another huge snow storm spring is coming, soon. March's Mission will help you get ready to celebrate in all the fun new spring colors and styles!

I personally love skirts in the summer months, so much more flattering than shorts! However the rest of the year I kind of need a motivator to get out of my jeans.

This Month's Challenge:
Try to wear a skirt 3 (THREE) times in one week.

Since this month if you see me dressed 3 days in a week it will be impressive (new babies are a great excuse to lounge in PJ's everyday!) we have a guest challenger!

Rosemary Rosemary will be taking the challenge along with us! This is what she had to say about the challenge:

When I had style (pre-babies) I would rock a skirt everyday. You could see me in a blouse and skirt, a t-shirt and a skirt, or a simple dress. Nowadays you can see me in yoga pants and a nursing top. My challenge will be to wear a skirt at least three times a week for the next month. Wish me luck!

Will you be joining us on the challenge this month? Head over to Redhead Reverie to read more on Rosemary and this month's challenge. 


Shell said...

I love skirts. I really want to find a bright yellow maxi skirt. Great for spring!

SkyMommy said...

I always have a hard time wearing skirts, I'm not sure why. I think I just never know what top to put with them so they end up never being worn. I do love dresses though.