Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life Garden { #BPMoments }

We throw out ideas, dreams, wishes.

Throw them like seed into the garden that becomes our life.

Watering some daily and watching them grow, while other lay dormant waiting for the right moment.

The moment where we can turn the water from our can onto them and give them a chance to grow and flourish.

A gardeners time is limited.

The seasons change quickly.

A gardener needs to be a juggler.

Each seed has it’s own needs and conditions. You must juggle the time, attention, each gets

It’s a season of planting and sprouting.

Watching little ideas, little dream grow and build.

It’s a season of waiting knowing that some of the seeds that have been thrown need to sit, wait.

It’s not their turn.

But if not thrown out, scattered in the wind they will never have a chance.

So you close your eyes and toss them out

Knowing you cannot reap that which you do not sow.


This April Bigger Picture Blogs celebrating poetry month with the theme plant. Join us on Monday's with Poetry and Thursday's when we share our everyday moments. 

Simply throwing out the seeds of life, that's my Simple Moment, Bigger Picture this week. What's Yours?

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Unknown said...

So very true my friend, so true. And you know what ... you my friend are a master gardener.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

take a chance! I love it!

May said...

The image of scattering those seeds on the wind is a good reminder to me that I don't necessarily have or need control of every little thing.