Friday, April 12, 2013

Rainy Season #BPMoments


The clouds cover the sky
A big wool blanket 
Blocking light

Everything is dull, muted, darker
Wet, soggy, drowned

Despite the soaking the rain pours


Until it spills over
Soaked ground unable to hold anymore

Without warning there’s a break
Small at first
A vein of light

The clouds move on
Blanket lifted
Sun shining, drying the saturated earth

Now you see
The littlest sprouts, green
Shoots reaching up to the heavens
Opening their petals in joyful praise

There is no spring
No color
No life
Without a rainy season

plant1Our creative theme this month at Bigger Picture Blogs is plant. We are trying to stretch our wings with poetry for poetry month.

This is my everyday poetry for my Bigger Picture Moment. Share yours with us? It can be a poem, a picture, or just words. Share your everyday moments at Bigger Picture Blogs. 


May said...

And this is the absolute truth (and in such a pretty package)!

Alita said...

Yes- rain must fall for growth. So true.

And I adore the grayscale b&w capture of droplets. Pretty!

Unknown said...

Love this, and it's so needed right now since every single day {and night} it has been raining here. However, like you said you can't have one without the other, and sometimes there are rainbows after the rain. :-)