Friday, April 19, 2013

Things I Love: PeaceLove Studios

People have different ways of processing emotions and thought to help them get through it. Some write, some run, some create art. I have always found art and writing to be cathartic and to help me understand and deal with situations better. Writing has been a huge part of my healing from grief and PPD. I love the way that art, creating it, looking at it, listening to it, however you consume it, is a healing force. It takes the ugly, angry or confused emotions that are inside and turns it into objects of beauty and ultimately understanding.

I was recently introduced to an organization that is using art to not only create a positive symbol for mental illness but is spreading awareness and understanding and ultimately help for mental illness though art.

Peace Love Studios offers a creative voice for mental illness. The program that I am especially found of is their giveback program. Through the shop where they have tees


and more

Any purchase from their shop provides a free Paint4Peace expressive art program. The Paint4Peace program
...uses creativity and artistic expression as a way to inspire, build self-confidence and deliver a message of hope.With paint, foam brushes and canvas, all participants become artists as they find their voice in new means of self-expression.

Having experienced for myself the peace and hope that come from painting while participating in Visual Prayer at Creative Soul in September I think this is an amazing program. If you’re looking for a purchase that goes beyond basic consumerism consider frequenting the PeaceLove shop the next time you need an artful gift.

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