Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Suburban Assimilation Complete

I have never been a fan of SUV’s. I used to make fun of them and sneer at them and wonder what was the point? People who claimed “cargo” space could get the same space or more in various other models. To me, especially living in the city, they just seemed more expensive gas guzlers that took up too much room on the street. I loved our station wagon (it was diesel!) and had no desire for an SUV.

Then we moved to the burbs and had two more children. Since apparently it is no longer safe to let them roll around in the back of a wagon my husband dragged me grumbling into our current minivan. It was not without protest. I really, really wanted this:

But my safety conscious husband was all airbags this and safety standards that  So plain boring minivan it is. I can’t say I really hate it, it’s nice that the kids get in and walk around and can buckle themselves, but I don’t love it, it’s just a mode of transportation. So when Chevy contacted me and asked if I wanted to try one of their cars I was like, sure, why not. We got to spend a week in this beautiful Tahoe:


I didn’t think I would like it.

I didn’t want to like it.

It’s more than an SUV, it’s an SUV on steroids, it’s a truck.

We had it for less than a day and not only was I smitten, I wanted to upgrade to a Suburban.

As Hy would say, for reals.

I couldn't believe how nice it drove, nicer than my minivan actually. I find out I kind of liked being up high. The kids could still walk to the their seats (although the girls needed help getting in) and I found the stadium style seating meant that I could actually see the kids in the way back better. Oh and they’re in the way back...it drowned out the bickering nicely.

By the end of the week the whole family was sold.


Even my European Car loving husband wanted one. Our only complaint was that for us, a family with four carseats, there is no storage. I had to take seats (and therefore kids) out just to go to the grocery store because with all four seats in there was barely enough room in the “trunk” to hold my snap and go stroller - sideways  Which is pretty much why we want a suburban, all the same stuff with the bonus of a trunk.

It appears that my assimilation to suburban soccer mom is complete, now whose going to buy me a truck?


Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to loan a Chevy Tahoe for a week from Drive the District. No other compensation was received and all opinions and experiences are my own.

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