Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mom Style Informant: Lacie Whyte of Swirlgear { #MSFils }

We're at the end of our Fit Fashion challenge and we're wrapping it up with a Style Informant interview. Today we're going to sit down and be inspired with an interview with Lacie Whyte the mastermind behind Swirlgear running apparel. You can read the first part of her interview on Red Head Reverie.

lacie.smName: Lacie Whyte
Age:  38
Hometown: Chicgao
Occupation: Founder of Swirlgear, women's running apparel brand
Website: www.swirlgear.com 
Style ID: Bohemian

What was your inspiration behind Swirlgear?
Being an avid runner, I felt there was a huge vacancy for technical apparel that is designed to be functional but also feel good in!

Did you have any design or fashion background?
 I didn't have any formal training or education in design. It has been a passion that I have learned along the way!

In your opinion can workout clothing be worn when not working out?
I sure hope so, because I'm wearing it in my office as we speak! We want to be comfortable, but look put together. That's what we try to achieve in every piece we design.

When I head out for a run or to the gym I wear …
In the summer, our capped sleeve running shirt and capri running pants and my Mizunos!

Where do you shop?
 For my running shoes and gear, my favorite is Universal Sole in Chicago. I love specialty running stores. They are passionate about what they do, small business owners and care about getting you in the right fit.  When I'm not in running apparel (hmm...trying to remember the last time that was).... I am a big fan of Anthropologie.

When buying fitness clothing I look for….  
Function with an element of fashion. I want it to fit well, but also want it to stand out just enough to be different.

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