Monday, July 29, 2013

Mom Style Files Informant: Brittany Gibbons

It's time to close out this month's Mom Style Files: Mission Beach. Today we are bringing you an interview from our informant: Brittany Gibbons. I have been a ling time follower of Brittany and she is the first person that comes to mind when I think "swimsuit onfidence". That girl rocks it like no one else! Enjoy the snippet here and then head over to Redhead Reverie to get the rest of the interview!

BrittianyHeadShotInformant: Brittany Gibbons
Age:  32
Hometown: Northwest, Ohio
Occupation: I'm a New Media Personality. That's a fancy way of saying I play on the internet for a living.
Blog:  Brittany Herself, Curvy Girls Guide
Her Style in Onw Word: GirlyBoho (if you say it fast it's one word)

What was your inspiration behind the curvy Girls Guide?
I was brushing my teeth one morning and was thinking about how hard it was to find a website showing women who looked like me, in fashion I actually wanted to wear. Like skinny jeans or wide calf boots. They always used skinny models and pinned fat girl clothes on them. I wanted to put something out there that was more representative of what curvy women looked like.
On Accessorizing...
I am a sucker for a fun cover up. From a distressed denim shirt, to a printed scarf, to a coordinating top, I love playing with different ways to still be swim ready, but also feel more comfortable... I have thighs and fat arms, I own it, but cover ups can be a lifesaver on self-conscious days.
Where does your swimsuit confidence come from?
Summer is not my jam. I was still in a maternity suit 3 years post partum. Pool time wasn't even on my radar. To this day I don't own shorts. But, my kids started to get older and more active, and I didn't want to not be a part of that.
And honestly, it felt like a natural progression for me. I feel so feminine and sexy in a bathing suit. I never thought I'd ever feel that. But, I put it on, I put myself out there, and I survived. The community around me accepted me, and it helped me accept myself. It was exhilarating.
What's your favorite suit style? Bikini, One piece, tankini?
 Bikini. That felt weird typing it out loud, but yeah, bikini.
I really like to mix up patterns and solids. My current favorite suit is a printed top with solid navy bottoms. It draws the eyes up, away from my thick thighs. 
Brittany Gibbons is a writer, humorist, and catalyst. Mostly known for her satirical wit and self deprecation, Brittany authors the award winning humor blog, Brittany, Herself, in which she overshares bits of her life between phonetically spelled sound effects and excessive ellipses. Brittany also founded the nationally recognized online women’s magazine Curvy Girl Guide, and works to promote body image advocacy in women. She resides in rural Ohio with her husband and three small, very close together, children.

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