Thursday, July 25, 2013

If you meet me at BlogHer13 ...

I'm sitting in a comfy {white!} bed looking out over the city I love getting ready for a full weekend of fun, friends, and frenzy! I'm at my first BlogHer conference and I'm so excited!

BlogHer '13 Yep the best baby in the world is here with me...although he's getting big so I may not be wearing him the whole time! I'm so pumped to spend time in the city that fuels me and to see friends new and old and meet people who I have looked up to for a long time. If we haven't meet and you perhaps don't follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram { I'm PBinmyHair everywhere! } there's a few things you should know about me.

1. I come with two volumes, silent or loud. Sorry.

2. I love the city, love it! I am however fully acclimated to the Suburban life.

3. I have permanent bitch face:

It's made worse by: thinking, being confused, being tired, being lost, dealing with a crying baby, trying to figure out who someone is, trying to remember something, not enough coffee, too much coffee, not enough to eat, stress etc. So basically it's permanent. Don't let it scare you though! I'm super friendly and funny, just come talk to me!

4. I write about the sticky bits of motherhood, and while that's a lot of deep and dark stuff I'm not dark or EMO, at all. Also I'm much better at writing about it than talking about it .

5. I have my hand in a lot of things and am always multitasking.  Which means it may take me 7 weeks to answer and email but I will do it! I have four kids and it's summer so we I'm running {literally and figuratively} all day long. I live life at a frantic pace hence the coffee to get going and the wine to come back down.

I hope to meet you! Come say hi! I'm the one wit the baby passing out peanut butter cups (it's kind of my "thing")!


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