Monday, July 8, 2013

Mission Beach: Don’t Wait To Be Cute #MSFiles


All four of my babies have been spring(ish) babies. Great for them - they can go out right away without being bundled! Not so great for mom. Spring and Summer clothes don’t leave a lot of room for covering a post baby body. Learning to juggle four and fit in time for myself has been even harder so I feel even larger and farther behind than with any of my other children. 

With four children home for summer though staying inside is not an option. So this past week I pulled out my old post baby swimsuit and skirt cover up and said we’re going to the pool. I tried to not think about what I looked like and just enjoy watching all the kids in the pool.  They of course had a great time, but as I sat in the shallow water floating the babies I looked around and had an epiphany.

Moms come in all shapes and sizes. 

Okay not really an epiphany as much as a reminder. Sure there were a few swimming that day that in my head I convinced myself they were the babysitter. But overall everyone was embracing and accepting their mom body, not hiding on the sidelines covered up. 

As we were packing up and I wrapped my daughters in there cute matching cover ups I decided that I had to stop waiting to feel like I could do cute beach/pool wear. I needed to embrace the now like all the moms at the pool were, because honestly why should I waste now in frumpy worn out stuff?

Thankfully Vera Bradley knows all about making things cute and colorful and as I was having this series of epiphanies they asked if I wanted to try out their beach stuff and I said yes!

Vera Bradley Beach

I have never had Vera Bradley, I assumed all they made were those quilted bags that the older ladies at church and southern belles carried. I had no idea they had such cute modern prints! They sent me a sarong, beach tote and towel in plum crazy:

You know what? A bright and pretty sarong is a great way to cover up a less then flattering swimsuit! It even came with a card showing me all the ways you could wear it. I’m going to be trying out all the different ways because wearing it made me feel instantly more put together and fabulous looking (sorry no pic, four kids at the pool yo!)

Besides having a pretty, and cuddly, beach towel made our chair easy to spot!


To help you rock your beach/pool look with the confidence of a goddess I have a Vera Bradley Beach pack to giveaway to one on you! It’s the same as I received, a sarong, tote and towel in the go wild pattern.

Cant wait? All Vera Bradley Beach is now 50% off! You can purchase it online or a Vera Bradley store near you

So how do you rock the beach or pool? Do you rock what you got? Cover it all up? Let's chat in the comments. 

The Sticky: I received a Vera Bradley beach pack to aid in this post and to giveaway to my readers. All thoughts an opinions are my own. 


Jen said...

I cover up suit is a tankini with a skirt...not my favorite but it works and then I have a knit cover up that looks like a dress and I do feel pretty comfortable in that...

Loralie T. said...

Nice to say they do more than the quilty stuff!

Megan said...

I just hit the pool with my 6yo and 2.5yo boys in my maternity tankini...first time this year! Definitely time for an upgrade!!

swicatsides said...

Vera Bradley looks so cute. I would love to try this on our summer vacation.

Janelle said...

I don't have a cute coverup. I wear a one piece that isn't too cute. I'd love to try their beach

Crissy Durst said...

I try to cover as much as I can without overheating myself. I am really self conscious so I am not comfortable showing to much skin.

Jen said...

I always try to keep a good fitting swim suit or tankini on hand and a great cover up (or "pool dress" as my daughter calls it)to make pool visits happier days for me.

Kimberly Culbertson said...

I have a great swimsuit, but it's a little busty--but what can I say, I'm "well-endowed" as my the woman who sold me my bridal gown said LOL. Anyway, it works great when I'm with women (and of course Ben loves it) but when we're co-ed swimming I feel a little more self-conscious.

Ashley said...

Depends on if I'm with just my kids or if I have help. I stay covered completely if it's just me with my kids so I don't have a bathing suit malfunction!


The Bozarth Family said...

Boring white zipper cover up from Target clearance rack two years ago on the way into the pool. On the way home, usually just a towel wrapped around the waist that keeps falling off as I shuffle the kids out of the pool. When you have multiple kids, you forget what you look like (many times) because you are too focused on what they are wearing, if you have the snacks, sunscreen, towels, etc.

Kelly said...

I wear a two piece that gives me plenty of coverage so everything stays in place. I use a sun dress as a cover up and have big sunglasses and either a baseball cap or floppy hat.

Mary B said...

Cotton dress over bathing suit is the way to go! Buy cheap at old navy :)

Mary B said...

Cotton dress over bathing suit is the way to go! Buy cheap at old navy :)

Stephanie said...

I have a cute summer dress I found at Goodwill to wear over my swimsuit until it's time to jump in the pool.



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