Monday, July 22, 2013

Post Baby Swimsuit Confidence { #MSFiles }


Last week I got real honest about the post baby weight over on my Chicago Parent Blog.

Last time on Mom Style Files we talked about covering up and not waiting to be cute. However you still need to get in a suit if you’re going to get in the water. Not of all of us can rock a bikini like Brook does so what do you do?

I have learned that sucking it up ( aka ignoring the size) and getting a suit that you are comfortable with. I have found that it’s totally worth the money and I love my Lands End Swim Suit. In fact I should totally  take advantage of the end of the season sale and buy a bigger bottom before our beach vacation.

The thing is we all come in different shapes and just like life that shape is fluid. The way I am today isn’t the way I am going to be always. Who benefits from me missing out on fun days with my children because I was worried my thighs were too big? What does that teach my daughters?

And when I still can’t find the confidence in me, I look to someone who can give me the boost?

Need some swimsuit confidence? Check out Brittany’s swimsuit confidence.

Do you have swimsuit confidence? Do you want to be our featured informant on next weeks Mom Style Files? Let me know!

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