Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to School Back to Writing

You may have noticed it's been a quiet summer around here. Between the new baby stuff (constant attention, feeding, lack of sleep) having all the kids at home and a growing local site I barely had the brain power to feed myself daily let alone write!

September is here though! The kids are back in school! The baby is on a bit of a regular schedule and my brain fog seems to be lifting. To help me, and any of you out there that need it, get back to writing again Creative Soul is hosting a great online event starting this Sunday:


Everyday there will be a new writing prompt posted on the Creative Soul Facebook page. The prompt will go up at 6:00 am each day. Take that prompt and go wherever it takes you. Poetry, fiction, everyday prose, whatever comes from your soul. Try to write for at least five minutes and edit yourself as little as possible. 

If you post on your blog please share it with us by commenting on the thread of the prompt with a link to your post.  If you would like to grab the above button great! We would love if you would like back to the Creative Soul Facebook page so that others may join in the challenge as well. 

That's it. No other rules, no all or nothing buy in. Write what you feel, when you can and stretch those {possibly} stiff and forgotten writing muscles. We may schedule some online writing circles as well so be sure to watch the page for dates/times and information. 

See you Sunday at the Creative Soul Community

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