Monday, August 26, 2013

Vintage Revival #MSFiles

Vintage-Revival Button This month's Moms Style Files mission is Vintage Revival. If you missed last week when Brook was so lucky and got an awesome lesson in shopping vintage head over to Redhead Reverie: Lessons in Vintage Style to catch up and get some great tips!

I have a teeny tiny obsession with vintage. I have for as long as I can remember (and before it was made super cool and hip by the likes of Zooey Deschanel}. I remember when I was younger traveling to all the best thrift stores looking for awesome vintage pieces. It was so easy back then as a pretty slender straight up and down teen I could put on pretty much anything I found in a vintage shop.

Well as I have gotten older and birthed more babies I am not exactly vintage sized anymore. That doesn't mean I can’t still ogle the awesome vintage finds online or a throw on a vintage bauble or two. Vintage tees are also great because you can rip and tear to make them fit and still look great, example vintage Cubbie tee:


However as I am between sizes on my way to a hopefully thinner forever place I’m not buying many clothes, but vintage baubles I can never pass up.

Vintage baubles

There is a thrift store where we vacation that is always a great place for finding great pieces for not a lot of money. All of those above were less than 5 dollars, one of them was my grandmas so it was free. I have so many necklaces it makes my husband crazy but they go with everything and you can never grow out of them!

My best advice for shopping and wearing vintage is find a shop and visit often, get to know the people in there. I’m so jealous of Brook being able to frequent Revival, it reminds me of a shop in my old hood. Having people who are willing and able to help you pick out pieces and put them together is a huge value! If you don’t have a store near by check out their blog where they feature “where it like this”

I love seeing these pop on my Facebook feed, and how cute is that dress? I frequently see things online that i love and could I wear that? Speaking of online, Revival has just restocked and re-opened their online vintage store, so you can get some of the awesome vintage they have without being in Iowa. You can see what I am coveting on our Mom Style files board . Even better use Enter promo code FALLSPECIAL13 to receive 20% off your order!

Brook was able to interview Sheila, the owner of Revival, here’s a peek:
When did you open the store?
Sept. 2, 2003

Tell us the story of creating Revival. What was your inspiration?
I moved back to Iowa City and was longing for my resale store back in Brooklyn, NY (Beacon's Closet) and knew that Iowa City would happily support a store like that.

If you could pick on era of vintage to wear for the rest of your life what would it be?
1970s - early to mid - classic plaids, denim, paisley prints, earthy colors
Who is your favorite designer?
Marc Jacobs & a I am LOVING the newer line SUNO (amazing prints)
If money wasn’t an issue, what vintage piece would buy?
A Birkin bag of course - but it must be vintage and somewhat reasonable, I have never been a fan of spending money just because you can
What is your favorite vintage accessory?
Vintage sunnies

Where do you find your vintage clothing?
Revival and the occasional thrift store.
What is one thing you would never buy for your store?
An Abercrombie & Fitch Sweatshirt
What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve purchased for the store?
A giant paper parasol - who doesn't need one ;)

Watch Redhead Reverie for the rest of the interview.

Let’s chat! Do you love vintage? What are your favorite pieces?

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