Monday, September 9, 2013

Monster #BTSBTW

The monster is there, just beneath the surface.

It lurks and hides and when not expecting it it slinks it’s way out.

Slow at first it escapes in a snap, in a raised voice, an exhaled huff. With each chance it
s given to taste the freedom of escape it gets stronger and stronger until it starts to take over. In seething looks, clenched teeth, thrown objects. It takes over and leaves behind a wake of more little monsters hiding inside others, waiting for their chance to escape, and grow and flourish.

I try to break the cycle, shoe the monster back in. Through calming breaths and closed eyes and mouth I try to hold him in until he settles down.

I’m not always strong enough.

So the monster flares and I am left with the aftermath of his destruction. Cleaning up messes and teaching of others to blow out their own little monsters. Trying to stop the spread even if I can’t stop the growth.

BTSBTWSquareDay 9 Prompt: Monster

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