Thursday, September 19, 2013

Teaching my kids to breathe

My word for the year is Breathe. It's been proven again and again to be the word I needed. I'm seeing through the ever changing lens of "growing" that it's something my kids, my family needs too. Because in a {not very big} house with 6 people, there are a lot of emotions being spewed at any given time.


I'm over at Chicago Parent today talking about how I grew up and how I'm teaching my kids to control their emotions. 

I grew up in a volatile house. It wasn't abusive or dangerous, just loud, filled with too many people with quick tempers in too small a space. Everyone was always yelling, even if it was just to talk room to room. Teasing and picking on each other was nightly entertainment, tears were to be laughed at.

Please head over to Peanut Butter in my Hair on Chicago Parent  and tell me how you do it?