Monday, September 16, 2013

The Wisest of the Wise #askwisestkid

Sometimes kids say things that just seem so smart, so beyond their years. Just this past week as we were battling both a cold and a late summer heat wave I mentioned it was too hot to make soup, PBboy says:
 Too hot for soup? Turn on the air conditioning!
Campbell's understand how wise kids are, introducing the Wisest Kid:

I’m so excited to be working with Campbell’s Soup on this campaign for one, everyone who knows me knows my kids look great in facial hair:


But also because we love Campbell’s soup. It was a staple in my house growing up and it’s one in ours now. It’s one of the few foods my kids love without argument or complaint and it’s of course what they ask for when they are sick!

I look forward to sharing more Wisest kid wisdom with you over the next few months, in the meantime tell me some to the wisest things your kids have said? You can even share your wisest kid words with the widget below:

Oh and if you are in New York head to times square tomorrow (12:00-2:00 p.m.). You will be able to meet the wisest kid and interact with him as he live streams from a billboard. Not in NY you can chat with the wisest kid any time on twitter @thewisestkid or by using the hashtag #askwisestkid. Go ahead and ask him your tough questions, he has all the answers!

The sticky: I am a Campbell’s Soup Wisest Kids ambassador and have been compensated for my time by Campbell’s soup company. All thought and opinions are my own.

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