Monday, September 23, 2013

Work AND Play #MSfiles


In the last year my hyperlocal site has grown {and grown!} and I know find myself identifying as a work at home mom (WAHM). However a lot of my work, doesn't happen at home. I go to events and meet with clients out and about and almost always with kids in tow. 

That means I have had to work at putting together a wardrobe that is both fashionable AND functional. I need to be able to look put together and professional as well as carry 1 (sometimes 2) kids, get down on the floor with them and also {discreetly} nurse.   Which means my go to work AND play outfit, a shift dress with capri's and awesome sandals:

MSFiles Work and Play 1
Really old (but awesome!) Old Navy linen shift dress
New York and Company Skinny jeans worn as capris
Dolce Vita for Target Sandals summer dress, we will reunite next summer. Since I am still transitioning sizes to my {hopefully} thinner forever size I've been doing a lot of mixing, matching and shopping my closets. Here is what I have been putting together for work meetings that involve playing. 

My second favorite way to  look put-together and still play is a t-skirt dress. I usually wear this one with a big wide belt (that I couldn't find for the picture):

MSFiles Work and Play 2
Old Navy boat neck t-short dress
DSW Riding boots

The dress is super comfy, has pockets, and I longer than it looks here, it comes down to my knees which allows me to sit on the floor. The boat neck is wide enough to allow me to nurse out the top and well in my opinion boots always pull an outfit tougher. 

My go to WAHM mom "uniform" is a maxi skirt and tank. I add a jacket and necklace for the meeting and can take them off and be ready to go for the park. I have a few dressier tanks to that make it look even nicer then the picture below at the park. 

MS Files Work and Play 4

What's your trick for going from office space to play space? 

Are you a fashionable working mom that want's to share you're tricks? We're looking for a style informant interview for this month! Message me at pbinmyhair {at} gmail {dot} com to be featured. 

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