Friday, October 25, 2013

Five Things Your Friends Won't tell You about The Dirty Girl Mud Run


Back in July I ran the Dirty Girl Mud Run with some of my writers. It was an absolutely, amazing, exhilarating and motivating experience. We had such a great time and I really can’t wait to do it again next year!

As I was prepping for the race I asked on Facebook for tips because I had a lot of friends that had run it before. All I heard was that it’s slow, a lot of waiting and pack garbage bags and a towel for the end. As we ran, and especially at the end when we finished we just kept laughing, “why didn't anyone mention.....” 

So here, 5 things your friends won’t tell you {but I will} about running The Dirty Girl Mud Run.
  1. It’s only slow/crowded etc. if you run first thing in the morning. We ran at 1:00 p.m. and it was pretty empty. If we were running {see number 2} we could have easily run the whole thing from obstacle to obstacle without ever stopping. 
  2. You don’t have to run!! You can run!! You don’t have to do all the obstacles!! You can do them all!! {I hope the extra exclamation marks make you listen} What I loved, LOVED, about the race was that there were so many women of every shape, size, age, and physical ability. There were young fit minimally dressed girls running, there were also young fit girls squealing and jumping around the mud. There were grandmas and moms, old and young, large and small. Many of us were not athlete’s or were doing this for the first time. 
  3. DirtyGirl Friends
  4. The obstacles are not required you can go around them, BUT everyone will help and encourage you through it. Several of us worked as a team to get through one obstacle. The most amazing experience was this tall obstacle of ropes to climb over. It was hard, it was high, and slippery. So many women were halfway up, or started freaking out at the top. We all talked each other through it, we helped each other over it and down, it was really amazing. 
  5. Put your plastic bags on the top of your pack, your’re going to need them when you enter the post race tent. Now lean in and listen close, everyone will tell you - oh yeah, there’s showers and it’s cold but you can get cleaned up. The truth is? There is a tent, a large open tent with hoses attached to nozzles. I haven’t seen so many naked and half naked women since college. People were just stripping down to skivvies or less and tossing their clothes in the trash. The water was cold yes, but also it was just a garden hose. Unless you had someone there to hose you down (you know someone you are really comfortable with) it was hard to get clean, it was awkward at best. Also, no one told me to bring a washcloth or soap and we ran on a warm and dry July day. Most of my mud was dried on, that hose was not getting it off....I gave up and went home for a hot shower. I would suggest packing a washcloth, soap and some shampoo - although I wore my hair in braids and had a bandanna on so my head wasn’t bad. 
  6. Schedule a massage, pedicure, and chiropractic appointment for the Monday after. Even after two showers I had mud under and around my toes nails that was just not coming out. Also I was so sore. Mostly because I took a tumble and a jolted a lot of things...otherwise I was not to worse for the wear and my clothes came {mostly} clean!

DirtyGirl Conquered
Overall, if you are even thinking that you want to try running an obstacle course I would suggest running Dirty Girl. It was such a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again!

If you need more motivation, they are offering my readers a discount! Use code: DGPBINMYHAIR and get 20% off any Dirty Girl Mud Run through the end of 2014. So head over to Go Dirty Girl and find your nearest race, grab some friends, share this post and go get muddy! 

The Sticky: I was a blog ambassador for The Dirty Girl Mud run when it came through Chicago  While I was given the race entry for my previous posts the thoughts and opinions are all my own and this post was not required or asked for, I contacted them to get the discount for you. In fact I would run again on my own dime. 

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