Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gender Neutral Toys don't matter....

PinkRide, Who Cares

I think gender neutral toys are a marketing gimmick and don't matter. Hear me out.

When I had my first, a son, I was in a playgroup in a very liberal, educationally focused neighborhood. My playgroup had mothers that only bought gender neutral toys, others that made sure their boys had (correctly gendered) baby dolls and their girls had trucks. Honestly, I was kind of a slacker and didn't care. My son had tons of stuffed animals that he loved, but he had no interest in baby dolls and before 12 months showed in interest in all things with wheels, motors and building. He was all boy all the time.

My daughter was born into a boy house lacking all things pink and girlie. That did not stop her from being drawn to any and all things pink...

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