Monday, October 21, 2013

Mom Style Files: Mission Proper Fit


This month's Mom Style Files Mission is proper fit. Fit is important in lots of things and bras are at the top of the list. Especially since 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. 

The other thing you are probably wearing in the wrong size? Your jeans.  I was invited to a Lee Looks style party last week and learned that many of buy our jeans too big or our wearing the wrong fit for our bodies. 

At our Lee Looks Style Party {hosted by the lovely Little Style Files} we had a fit and trend expert from Lee give advise on fitting, styles and trend as well as giving each one of us a one on one fitting and styling. It was a really great event and I learned a lot, like how many of us our wearing too big jeans! Even the expert admitted the jeans she ad on that day were too big. See we all head into the dressing room and we want to be comfortable so we usually go up a size if they feel just a little tight. However so many jeans these days have 20-40% stretch that they will change in size about a 1/2 inch as you wear them, so you actually want them to be a little snug when you try them on. That doesn't apply to length however! I straddle the line between petite and normal and the more stretch a jean has the more it will shrink when washed (up to an inch!) so watch the length, it should at least touch the top of you shoe but not be dragging in the back. 

We got these great fit guide from Lee to help us find our perfect fit: 


I haven't been "boyish" for a long time (oh to have that problem again!) but I thought for sure I was a pear. The fit expert took one look at me and said I was an apple. She also told me that when looking at jeans hanging up I want to choose pairs where the front is less curved {I hope you can visualize it because I forgot the picture!} for the most flattering fit. That was gold and should help me find jeans in the future!

Now if you are thinking, wait a minute Lee Jeans? Isn't that a mom jeans brand? You are in for a surprise. Lee has a Platinum Label line that is carried at Macy's is on trend and is anything but a mom jean. Seriously I wanted every single pair:

Colored, especially burgundy, and tuxedo pants are going to be hot this fall! Oh and if you are over the skinny jean trend, no fear the boot cut is coming back! {and the angels sang!} and Lee has some great boot cuts that do the most important thing, make your booty look awesome, they were my favorite:

I have fallen for the Lee Looks and can't wait to pick up a few more pairs, especially those black leggings!

What's your fit issue when it comes to jeans?

Mom Style Files for October is sponsored by the Little Bra Company. Head over to Redhead Reverie to learn all about them!

Purchase a pink bra this month and 10% will be donated to breast cancer charity

Disclosure: I was compensated by Lee for my time in attending the party and received a pair of  jeans to facilitate the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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