Friday, October 25, 2013

Sleepy’s Mattress Professional’s - Easing Bedroom Transitions

Nothing feels more “adult” or daunting {at least to me} than having to purchase a mattress. It’s one of those necessity purchases that isn't exactly fun and it’s not glamorous like electronics, it’s like going to buy paper towels (something you need) from a high pressure sales man at a fancy show room. We have needed at least one mattress for awhile, with a toddler that was rapidly growing out of her toddler bed, a baby that has already grown out of his co-sleeper and good amount of bedroom rearranging to be done to get all four kids sleeping in their own beds.

Sleepy’s had invited me to the grand opening and to meet with the Sleep Ambassador. We had such a good experience they invited me back to do my mattress shopping. Now this may make me sound spoiled but I have never bought a mattress on my own. I have bought bunk beds, that came with a mattress, but all the other mattresses in our house were given to us or my husband bought. I’m not a big fan of the sales pitch or of haggling especially with two kids in tow. I want to go in, get what I want/need for the best price and leave.

I was beyond pleased and surprised with our trip to Sleepy’s. I went in early with my two youngest kids and had the whole store to ourselves. Which was great because taking a two year old into a mattress store, well it’s better than a bounce house! Thankfully the sales staff was totally understanding, and accommodating letting her go ahead and jump on one bed.


The sale associate asked what we were looking for: I needed a twin for the jumping toddler, that it was going on a bunk and I wanted to spend $200 or less. There was no haggling, no conversation, no “are you sure you don’t want to spend more and get her this super deli model that will make her sleep better and score higher on tests?” Nope we marched back and he pulled out a model that was on sale and would fit our price. She laid down on it and was sold.

We did look at one other mattress briefly but went with our first choice. Delivery to anywhere in the area is the same flat fee and within 30 minutes we had purchased the mattress and had delivery set up for that coming weekend. They even offered to remove the old bed for free, but we didn't have one. We actually spent more time in the Target next door taking the toddler to the bathroom and getting a snack than we did buying the mattress, which is a win in my book!

Sleepy’s is opening stores all over Chicagoland with more on the way. Follow them on Facebook or find a store near you and experience Sleepy's for yourself.

The sticky: I was given a gift card by sleepy’s after attending their Back To School sleep event to come back and experience shopping at sleepy’s. all thoughts and opinions are my own and no further competition was received.

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