Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mission Make Up: 5 minute Mom Make Up #MSFiles

Our Mom Style Files Mission this month is make up. I have two rules for make up now that I have many kids and many places to be:
  1.  Must be able to be purchased at Target
  2. Must be able to stop at any point in the process and not look like I forgot to finish
So I am not a beauty blogger, this is not going to be the most amazing make-up tutorial ever. However if you are a super busy mom juggling way to many things and your mornings are crazy...well at least you can feel pretty and put together while you do it. 


First, what's in my bag?

My Make up Bag

Now I know that many people swear by more expensive brands of make up but as I have limited time Target has to do. If given the chance though I do love Clinque's mascara.

beforeafeterAs stated I'm not a beauty blogger and as stated above in rule number 2, I need to be able to walk out at anytime. With four kids that need to get ready and out in the morning there is always a chance that a baby will need to be changed or a fight broken up. So the pictures might not look drastically different from one to the next.

12BB I I have been using Nutregena Eye Brightener for years and I love it. It doesn't totally hide the bags (anyone got a trick other then sleep?) but it does make them slightly less puffy and hides the dark circles.

I have just started using the BB cream after reading everyone rave about them and I am in love. It is actually fading some of my acne scars!

3powder If I'm having a productive morning and I have time I brush some eye shadow on quick, light sparkly neutrals to make my eyes look open when they want to be closed and I finish it off with the pressed powder to take the shine off my face.

done Mascara, it's a must have for me! Even If I skip every other step but 1 I will toss it on when I am leaving. On school days I usually just throw on Burt's Bees tinted chapstick otherwise it's lip gloss I have  dozens!

Five minutes or less and even if I am unshowered with messy hair I feel a bit more put together.

So, what's your morning routine? Tell me about it in the comments or show me on Instagram with the hashtag #MSFiles

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