Monday, November 25, 2013

Mom Style Files Informant: Erin

InformantErinWe're wrapping up Mission Make Up and that means it's time to bring in an "expert". Today our style informant is Erin, School Teacher by Day, Superhero by Night, make up lover always.

I've seen pictures on twitter of Erin's make up collection and it rivals Sephora. I'm not sure I have owned that much in a lifetime. I want her to bring her case and do my make up! Enjoy the interview!

Age: 31
Hometown: Northwest Indiana
What You Do: 8th grade English teacher {i.e. a saint! ~Melissa}
Blog: School Teacher by Day, Superhero By Night
Style ID:  One word? I'm not really good with one word! I would say romantic. I'm a huge fan of flowy skirts and sundresses.

Have you ever committed a make up DON’T?

When I was younger (19-20), I was super into glitter. I loved glitter on my eyelids. Big chunky glitter. I'm not sure how I didn't go blind from all the glitter that fell off every time I blinked, but fortunately, I've since realized that glitter should be left behind in middle school.
If you could only pick one make up item to put in your purse what would it be?
Mascara. Even if I'm wearing nothing else, I need a touch of mascara on my lashes. 
Foundation vs. just powder?
Photo by Donna Marie Photography
Hmm. The two are very different, so this is kind of a tough question. Powder is great for removing shine or coverup, but I don't find much use for it personally. I'm more of a foundation person, but I think many people are unaware that not all foundations are the same. I use a moisturizing foundation that provides a lighter coverage and mainly just evens out skin tone. It's very light and easy on the skin, definitely not at all like the cake-y formula some people think of when they hear foundation. 
Do you have a time limit on your make up routine? 
Not really a time limit, but I can throw together my usual "going to work face" in about 5-10 minutes. I blogged about it a few years ago and not much has changed, to be honest: Fast Paced Face.
I've got it down to a science. It helps that I use some products that are multi-purposeful. I also don't tend to wear lip color to work because with teaching and talking, it's just not practical. I have a tube of sheer Philosophy gloss that I keep in my desk drawer, but otherwise, that part of my routine is cut out.
What has been your history with make up? Always worn it? How has your routine evolved now that you have kids?
I actually didn't wear makeup at all when I was in high school. My prom pictures show me in only mascara. I started wearing it my freshman year of college when I discovered MAC eyeshadow and fell in love with all the fun colors. My routine has definitely downsized since having kids. I have a whole case of makeup that I don't use much anymore, because it's more fun, going out makeup and well, I don't get to go out much anymore. I usually just reach for my neutral Bobbi Brown palettes and put together a quick, neutral face before I head out the door in the morning.  
When I buy make up I look for:
Quality. If an eyeshadow is going to wear off or blink into my crease by the end of my work day, I'm not interested. Same with foundation or any other item. I need my makeup to last--that makes me more than willing to pay in the $20 range for a product.
Who is your style idol?
Probably Keira Knightley. She always looks so flawless.

Thanks Erin!
Erin has even more useful tips and great make up information over at Redhead Reverie. Head over there to read the rest of the interview.

Feel free to share photos or techniques with us, just tag your photos #msfiles so we can give you a shout out.

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