Monday, December 9, 2013

Mom Style Files Fashion Wishlist

wishlistEvery year I sit down with the kids and make a Christmas list with them. Every year I get a frantic phone call from my husband because the kids (really PBgirl) want to go shopping and he needs ideas for me, now!

So with a little encouragement form Brook I've made up my own Christmas list this year.  Since I don't think Santa will be bringing my liposuction or the genetic metabolism of Gwyneth Paltrow it's mostly bring basics that will hopefully fit. But also some replacements because 8 years of making babies has left me in a new shoe size and with a lot of worn out old office close that don't work.

Wish List E

This is pretty much my mom-i-form all winter just add a scarf, because I love scarves! Jeans, sweaters, boots or flats. I'm pretty easy to please and clearly have a thing for blue.

Next up, everyone must have some impractical items on their list right? That's what makes them a gift, something you wouldn't buy for yourself?
Wish List A

I am obsessed with the large chunky man-like watch lately. I haven;t worn a watch since i stopped working but I am loving this style and I really want one. Everything else is just impractical because really a stay at home mom with a nursing baby has no need to wear earrings or awesome purple shoes (imagine them with skinny jeans!) and baring some potty training miracle I am a good two years away from not needing a diaper bag, but hey, it's a wish list right?

Lastly is the spulrge list, you know that pie int he sky if my husband got a amazing bonus check and wanted to spoil me, I would want some warmth:
Wish List W

Warmth in the form of running clothes fit for winter and a coat that isn't meant for sledding.

What's on your fashion wishlist this year? Share it with us on Pinterest using the hashtag #MSFiles

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