Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snowglobes #Justwrite

Growing up int he Midwest snow and winter is a given. It solidifies the promise and glory of spring and teaches s lessons in patience, endurance and stillness. There is a quiet stillness that falls, even over the bustling city, when the temperature drops and the snow piles up. I soak up the stillness from the warmth of my chair, hands wrapped around a warm mug. I try to focus on the quiet beauty ,the calm stillness to push the dark bleakness of memories from a snow globe shaken too vigorously.

It was a snow globe world turned upside down and shaken hard that February day. It was then that the world could be still when you are all shaken up. I sat in that same chair but instead of hands wrapped around a cup it was arms wrapped around legs as tears streamed down my face. I tried to see the beauty out the window but all I could feel was the shaking of a world being torn apart.

I wish I could be made pure, calm, and still like the earth with a blanket of snow pulled over it. My mind reels and whirls and thoughts come from now where and with no trigger and I wonder if I will ever truly feel like I have emerged into the beauty of spring or if there will always bee a tiny piece of winter in my heart. You can't have spring without winter, I know this to be true.

So I sit and watch and I listen tot he lessons of the snow. Listen to the stillness, focus on the calm and remind my heart that there is no spring without winter so it's okay to pull that blanket of snow up and over. But heart don't leave it there, allow it to be warmed by the songs of the birds and the light in the sky because spring always comes, even when it seems like the darkest, longest, coldest winter the spring will come and it will look and sound like love.

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Jen said...

I am a puddle of tears.

Yes,spring always comes.