Friday, February 14, 2014

Going for the Gold #NetflixKids

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We cut the cord to cable almost five years ago when we moved into our house. It was too expensive to justify it when we really only watched a few channels. We have antenna service (old school rules!) so we could always get PBS and the local channels for football.  Over the summer I convinced my husband to finally {finally!} get a Netflix subscription so we could watch the new Arrested Development, we found so much more that we never cancelled!


Once we got the Wii U for Christmas Netflix has become pretty much the only thing on our TV. The kids have learned to stream it on their own and we have a separate Kids Only list for them. Even the 3 year old is getting the hang of it! now they can watch their favorite characters with no commercials and no waiting for the right time!

The past week our family has been feeling the Olympic Fever! If I had may way it would be the only thing on 24 hours a days, but the kids get a little antsy in between events. So Netflix is still on quite a but. My youngest has been all about Curious George this month. 


I was able to sneak in a little bit of the Olympic
spirit into our playlist with the documentary the Fabulous Ice Age. My fancy girls were fascinated with all the costumes and the restaurants with  ice rinks right inside! I grew up on musicals and Ice Capades so I of course loved it!

Have you been keeping up with the games in Sochi? What's been your favorite sport so far? If you're looking for tips on how to watch the Olympics as a family be sure to check out Common Sense Media's Olympic Guide for Families. 

What are you streaming this month?

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