Monday, February 10, 2014

Mom Style Files: Seeing Red

Red {and it's little sister pink} are everywhere this month thanks to Valentines, but do you see red in your closet? I see red, but mostly that's the rage in my eye form nothing fitting or it not being warm enough to wear anything that does...but that's for another day. I mean do you see the color red in any of your favorite or go to outfits?

I want to wear red, I just don't, aside from the occasional Christmas shirt. I mostly fear that I will end up looking to nautical, or maybe I feat looking like a clown? Standing out? I don't know.

Jill and Megan both have rocked a red skinny like that, although I'm not sure I could pull it off. This is more what I'm looking to do:

This month Brook and I are challenging each other, and you, to find some red and to rock it! If you check out our Mom Style Files Pinboard you will see I've been going a little crazy, with ideas. I'm loving the thought of wearing a red dress if I make this years Listen to Your Mother Show, maybe this one:

Or this one?

Will you join us on the hunt for red? Share how you wear work red in your wardrobe by sharing it with us on Instagram or Twitter using the tag #MSFiles and we may feature you!

In the meantime be sure you're following me @PBinmyHair as I hunt down the perfect way I can add red to my everyday!

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