Monday, March 3, 2014

From Magazine to Minivan #MSFiles

I love fashion and pouring over the latest runway styles in magazines...

{screeeeeech )

Wait, I'm a mom. While I do love fashion it's more like what I see in the line at the supermarket or on the rare occasion I read about 6 months later while I sit bathside. Keeping up with the latest trends is not high on the priority list. However now that maternity clothes are forever behind me I am starting to fantasize about a new wardrobe more often.

This month our Mom Style Files challenge is to make that fantasy a reality. Peruse a magazine, waste time gazing at your pinbaords and pick an outfit. Take it from the magazine/Pinterest pages to the minivan. Make couture - carpool, the runway - the driveway, treat yourself to a fashion splurge!

I'm kind of in a fashion rut. Stuck in a body I don't recognize in the longest winter ever. I refuse to wear maternity any longer but I'm still nursing, and hibernating, half my closet doesn't fit.  I'm living in yoga pants and sweatshirts. So I saw a lace fronted sweater/sweatshirt that was similar to one I had pinned on clearance at Target and had to have it. I figured if I was going to be a slob I would be a fancy one. Than I saw this article in Self magazine from November:

They call it a "Luxe Sweatshirt" and the second page said you could wear it to work, parties even! Wahooo! I had a baby shower to go to so I paired it with a pencil skirt (per the suggestion) and a pair of red heels and a chunky necklace:

My husband was impressed (and didn't scold me for shopping off list!) and I was too. It was comfy and chic and perfect for a Sunday at church and a baby shower. It also felt different and more springy than yet another sweater in the never ending parade of sweaters. 


It should also pair well with jeans at on sale for only $10, it's a trendy item I don't mind spending money on!

Have you brought any of your magazine outfits to the minivan? Rocked the pinspiration at the pick up line? Share it with us on Instagram or twitter with the hashtag #MSFiles and we'll feature you here at the end of the month!

1 comment:

Brandie said...

Very cute!
I need a new wardrobe as well. I finally indulged in two pairs of jeans last month, because um, well, it was that or maybe start just running around pantless. LOL!
I couldn't tell you about trends though. But I think what you wore to the baby shower looks great!