Friday, April 25, 2014

Flashback Friday: Big Hair and Bad Boys #StreamTeam

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Oh the 80’s. They were totally, tubular. Awesomely Cool. And Like, so, like, like so bad {which means good yo!}. So bad you can’t help but love it, well most of it. I mean the fashion? Anyone remember UNITS?

I remember that white and glass store and coveting those belts that were also mini skirts that were also tube tops that were also headbands. Oh and the big hair? No amount of Aquanet in the world could make my hair do the awesome bang thing, it was always horrid.

But the movie? The TV shows from the 80’s? Now that’s the good stuff. I mean nothing on TV can compare to Saved by the Bell, Family Ties, JEM and the Holograms? I loved JEM. I wanted to BE JEM I had all the toys, sang the songs...I even tried dying my hair pink (with kool aid!)

Then there was the movies, many of which I surely shouldn't have been watching at the time but are now classics. Fun fact: Breakfast Club was filmed in my town. I went to summer camp at the high school where the most famous detention took place! I know, I’m so cool.

Jon Hughes and the brat pack are so integral to who I am. They are the epitome of what I thought being a cool kid and a successful adult was. I longed to be as quirky cute as Molly Ringwald instead of just being the dork I was. They were the cool kids of the 80's.

I assumed everyone had seen and knew what I was talking about when I referenced them. Apparently not. Apparently there are grown adults, parents even who were born during the 80’s and never saw these movies.


One of them is like, totally my BFF.

That’s right Hyacynth has not seen such classics as The Breakfast ClubPretty in Pink or St. Elmo’s Fire. Brook and I have taken it on ourselves to educate her. Whenever we travel we make sure to include time for a movie. Which is even easier thanks to the totally tubular selection on Netflix!

In fact...I feel a girls weekend coming on!

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What's your favorite 80's movie? Please tell me you've seen Breakfast Club!

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Alicia J said...

Oh my...mine would surely be Ghostbusters!!!! I never missed the animation series and I loved the movie.

Tabathia B said...

goonies and silver bullet

Loralie T. said...

Toss up between The Breakfast Club and The Princess Bride

Unknown said...

Jem is truly outrageous and so are you!

Unknown said...

Oh and my favorite 80's movie is Xanadu. Unless that was '79. Then Ferris Buellers day off :-)