Monday, May 12, 2014

{Mostly} Whole Foods Meal Plan

Remember our Update our Meals Challenge? Well several years later and here we are and we are still pretty good about mixing up our meals! I feel like as a family we have come along way...but we have farther to go.  With two school age kids and all their activities and two toddlers we have found ourselves relying a little too heavily on quick substitutes. As we enter summer and farmers markets, I am going to try to start meal planning again and cooking more whole food meals. I still have four kids so I won't be fermenting my own food or anything crazy. Just simple made from scratch dinners for busy families, join me?

Monday - It does say {Mostly} this is a solo mom + four kids night so we are going easy. Leftover ham, macaroni and cheese (no shame in my game) and frozen veggies.

Tuesday - Leftover Chili

Wednesday-  Chicken with Lentils and Kale
I substituted the canned lentils in the recipe with fresh lentils that I made...only I overcooked them. So while it's not a pretty picture, it was a tasty hearty meal that I (the non-cook) managed to make all by myself.
Thursday - We used the rest of the leftover chicken to make Cesar salad

Friday -  Pizza at a Birthday Party

What did you make last week, or what are your plans for this week?

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