Monday, May 26, 2014

{Mostly} Whole Foods Meal Plan

Remember our Update our Meals Challenge? Well several years later and here we are and we are still pretty good about mixing up our meals! I feel like as a family we have come along way...but we have farther to go.  With two school age kids and all their activities and two toddlers we have found ourselves relying a little too heavily on quick substitutes. As we enter summer and farmers markets, I am going to try to start meal planning again and cooking more whole food meals. I still have four kids so I won't be fermenting my own food or anything crazy. Just simple made from scratch dinners for busy families, join me?

Monday - I was feeling adventurous (and had some phyllo in the freezer I wanted to use) so I made Spanakopita and some Greek Chicken Breasts
Tuesday - our favorite solo parent dinner - Brinner! (Breakfast for Dinner) we had monster Chocolate Chip Pancakes and turkey sausage
Wednesday - Roasted Chicken with cauliflower and Chickpeas (see more chickpeas!)

Thursday - Broccoli Pie {aka crustless broccoli quiche, a icky eater approved recipe!)

Friday - Salmon with Brown sugar and mustard glaze (we get frozen fish from Trader Joe's) and asparagus and green beans with chili orange oil I was surprised that this tasted good together it seemed like an odd combo to me but it was tasty. Also, always surprising how much the kids like mustard sauces when they don't know there is mustard in it!

Saturday - Pizza Night

Sunday - Family dinner at Grandmas.

What did you make last week, or what are your plans for this week?

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