Friday, May 16, 2014

Musical May #streamteam

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I have a love affair with musicals. I blame my mom. I grew up on Saturday Night Musicals on PBS. Classics like Annie get your Gun, Oklahama, West Side Story, etc. I could probably sing along to any Rogers and Hammerstein Musical ever made.

My Husband, My first born son...not as interested in them. Especially if I sing along.

Thankfully I have two daughters and they love musicals. I mean love. They will sing and dance over and over and over again. One of our favorite holiday movies is White Christmas they start asking for it as soon as fall starts Year round they can be heard singing “Sisters” it’s pretty adorable.

We have to be a little tricky to sneak musicals into our family movie night rotation like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

We got this one in by telling the boys it was about cars. I still laugh when they start singing and my son scoffs...Moooooooooom you didn’t tell me there would be singing!

On our list for the summer is to explore some of the Disney Musicals that I missed as they came out when I was a teen enjoying movies likes Grease and Footloose. This summer my girls are hoping to sneak Mulan in past their brother with the promise of warriors and dragons.

I suppose this year all the girls will have to do is promise that it’s not Frozen and he will agree to anything!

Are you a musical family? What are your favorites?

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