Monday, June 30, 2014

His and Her Netflix #streamteam

This post is part of my partnership with the Netflix Stream Team

Are you a binger? When you sit down to watch a show do you watch as many episodes as you can and finish a series in a week?

You may remember that it's been a few years since we have had TV. We finally broke down and got Netflix so that we could watch the new Arrested Development

Now I, I'm a binge watcher. If I had my way we would have ignored the kids for the weekend and watched the whole series all at once. I don't like waiting to find out what will happen and I always worry...what if the kids never sleep again and I never finish? This could also be residual trauma from favorite shows like My So Called Life being canceled.. 

My husband, he is an old man {not really but he acts like one}. He likes to savor the experience, watch one a week and think about the episode, ruminate on in the "olden days". So we have two lists on our Netflix, his and hers if you will. His is for savoring, it's the shows we watch weekly for our date night. Mine is for binging. It's what I watch while I work, or when he is out. One episode after the other until I fall asleep. 

5 Netflix Series for Him 
{To be savored, one a week with time to think}
1. The one that started it all:

2. I mostly agreed with him on this one until the end...then I just wanted to know!

3. I don't mind this one as it stretches out the season, why oh why can't they make more than 3?
4. I have to admit this is "my show" but we can't watch more than 1 in a row {his rules} because it's too intense and he needs time to process it...I'm still processing the season finale... sigh
5. Our newest this rate, my kids will be moved out before we finish!

4 Netflix Series for Her
{Perfect for binging}

1. This is my all time, go to favorites show ever. I have rewatched the whole series, even the dreaded med school years. I could start it again tomorrow.

 2. A newer favorite but one that makes me laugh none the less.
 3. I cam to 30 Rock late in the broadcast game. So since I have finished my beloved Scrubs I decided to give this one a go from the beginning.
4. And Technically this is his but I enjoy it, the only one he will watch more than one in a row, and only the UK version. 

So do you binge or do you savor? What are you watching this summer? If this weather (wet, wet, and more wet) keeps up I'll need more TV to watch!

The Sticky: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. I received a Roku and streaming membership in return for my sharing what we’re watching with you. 

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