Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Style Informant Interview with Rachel and Tiffany from {made} #MSFILES

 Ages: 33
Hometown: Burlington
Style ID: City Gypsy
Describe your style in one word:  Natural

Share with our readers the inspiration and story behind Made Community:
{made} has been an evolution whose seeds were planted in high school weekend's spent garage saling. We have been finding things to make new from things we find since forever. Now we just have a name for it.  We knew we wanted to do something creative for ourselves but that would also help people in our community too. Our giveback completes the cycle of good karma sourcing.

For our 9% we always pick a local partner. We started out focusing mostly on women's initiatives in our area and have continued to pick partner's whose causes we both identify with and believe in! Right now we are all about healthy wholesome food. In Iowa, we have the lushest soil and yet we have populations who never see fresh produce or know how to prepare meals from it. To date, we worked with the DVIPthe Dream Center, and most recently with Table to Table.

How do you find the materials for you collections?
We love to go on the hunt - estate sales, vintage resale shops. When we need to buy new, we source USA-made whenever possible.

Describe the design process?
Sometimes it starts with a color, or a photo, or a bead and then just keeps building. Its almost always iterative. Our first version of something is never really our last. We are constantly improving each time.

Share the story of my abundance bracelets
The abundance bracelets are kind of an homage to the friendship bracelets of our youth. We wanted them to mean something to the people who wear them and give them. The message on our tags is simple: we all have everything we need already to live in abundance. They are meant to be tied on and worn daily (even in the shower!) as a reminder of the abundance we all have within.

What is your favorite accessory {i.e.: rings, necklaces, etc}
Rach: A necklace that hits me in just the right spot makes me feel super sexy.
But as one of our customers once said, rings and bracelets are the accessories you get to wear for you (i.e. the only ones you can see at all times.) So layering up bracelets is a fun way to play with color and texture.

What are you favorite materials to work with?
Rach: Gold/brass

Do you follow the style trends or just define your own style when creating jewelry?
It's hard for us to make anything we wouldn't wear ourselves. Tiff is a little shorter, so she makes things that fit her proportion: shorter and lighter. Rach is taller so she makes things longer and heavier.

Our personal style idol is…
someone who lives on the beach, but goes to town at night for dinner.

What trends are you seeing for summer?
Mixed metals, layering light and airy with something more heavy.

Head over to Brook's and read the rest of our Interview, and make sure to follow Rach and Tiff so you can see what they will be making next.

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