Friday, July 11, 2014

Saying Goodbye

Gray light filtered and soft.
Misty rain, cold and damp.
Sadness permeating the air.

The end is near and we all know it.

Halted conversation. 
Hushed voices. 
Laughter that bubbles up, quickly suppressed. 

We all do the two-step of decorum. 

Life goes on, but it doesn't.
Life must be lived in the waiting, but its different. 

It's gray and foggy. 
Wet and Slippery. 

We navigate the path the best we can,
hoping to avoid harsh falls,
sudden drops. 

Rattling breathe.
Drooping head.
A spirit hangin on to a body half gone.
A heart beating on with a soul that wants to rest. 

You've placed music in our souls.
Grown love in our hearts. 

May your soul find peace soon,
to be reunited with loves lost,
to be whole again, to be free. 

I wrote that the night I took my son to say goodbye to my grandpa, his great grandpa. He passed the next day. How we told our kids and navigated the funeral is on Chicago Parent, his sadness is infinitely more heart wrenching than my own grief. 

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