Friday, March 27, 2015

Midlife Crisis Courtesy of NetFlix

Netflix Stream Team
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If you are of a certain age (ahem) this is the year you are being constantly remind of it as everything you have ever grown up with celebrates a big anniversary.

Breakfast Club turned 30, Ross and Rachel’s Baby is now 13 and Saved by the Bell is now a Fallon Skit. Our Youth is a punch line. Sigh. So hubby and I have been both reliving our youth and feeling really, really old thanks to Netflix.

Friends on Netflix
I’m sure you know by now the whole series is on Netflix. It might be the single best thing to come to Netflix since Arrested Developement. We had forgtten how awesome this show was, and how funny. But oh! the existential crisis it brings out.

Are we really that old?

Did we really dress like this?

Remember how this show stopped everything on college campuses as we gathered to watch?

Gah, did they set us up with an unrealistic expectation of adulthood! But also, how awesome of a life did they have?

Saved by the Bell on Netflix

Saved by the Bell
Relive those Saturday mornings when you could sleep in, just until Saved by the Bell comes on! Now it’s relegated to background noise while I do laundry. It’s best not to mention this show as anything other than the Fallon skit if you have young mom friends, it will crush your soul when they stare at you wide eyed and ask what that is and who is Zack (or Slater if that was your preference).

When I start to get too depressed I just turn on my new favorite, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (warning ear worm ahead). A Netflix original it’s so fun and cleverly written, by Tina Fey of course, that you can’t help but believe this too shall pass.

Youth is fleeting, on to the next adventure.

The realization work was much more fun in the 60’s and if it wasn't fun, well at least you could drink in the office. We’re just finishing up season one of MadMen and are finally hooked.

What are you watching this month?

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