Friday, March 20, 2015

Your List Sucks - What I do Everyday

I don’t know if it’s spring or timing or the whims of Mr. Zuckerberg but my Facebook Stream has been filled with posts about “Things I do Everyday” stories:

You know what I do everyday, no fail?

  • Get up

And it’s not of my own accord, thank the heavens, I wake up every single morning, 38 years and counting. Beyond that?

Depends on the day. The Night. The moods and whims of my children.  Imagine running in a hamster wheel while juggling ten balls that are constantly be changed out, tossed back and forth to someone, it’s kind of like that. With a family of six it’s just a conveyor belt of needs and wants and things to do and hey I have only totally missed something once, no maybe it was twice, this month, so Celebrate!

These lists, they intrigue me, maybe you too? We want a quick answer, quick solution. Oh! If I just follow this routine everyday everything will fall into place and be picture perfect. But it won’t .

Your life is not my life.

My life is not your life.

So you can make me a list that works so amazing for you, and for me? It will cause tears, fighting or possibly a burnt down house.

Sure I would love a clean organized house. I’m sure it’s as easy as “picking up as I go” but you know what? I can put away every single thing I use as soon as I am done with it. But there are still 5 other people in the house and the chances that they will put everything away? Slim to none. So now I spend my whole day following around people to pick up after them?

I love a clean sink, I’ve tried the clean your sink daily thing. You know what? Some days I’m tired and I just want to cuddle my husband, or read with my kids.

What I have learned in this season of big kids and little kids and so many ages and stages under one roof if that the only way to survive, to thrive, is to bend. To adapt. To do what is working best at this very moment and just get through. Because it’s short lived. In just a few years they will all be in school all day long and I am sure I will have a clean house then. For now, I’m going to remember we’re building a life, not a home, and that means the only thing I have to do everyday is wake up.

Happy Spring!

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Brandie said...

I cosign this.

Everyone is in a different stage of life, has a different personality, is juggling different things, and you are exactly right - what works for one, won't work for another, despite these lists trying to tell us so!